French wine,
a millennial heritage
and royal treasure
Wine is one of the millennial symbols of French heritage in which each region proudly wears its history and identity.
This French « art de vivre », peaked during the reign of Louis XIV, where the legendary royal meals have propelled the wine and gastronomy to the level of myth.
It is in this heritage of Luxury that Blason Louis is rooted in order to perpetuate this notion of great terroir wines.
A millennial legacy inherited from the Greeks, Romans and Catholic Popes
The luxurious history of wine in France began more than 2,600 years ago, being first brought by the Greeks merchants, who planted it around Marseille. It subsequently went through a great expansion phase by the Romans, who were the conquerors of the country during this period.
In 1111, the monks of the Cistercian abbey (Burgundy) planted the first grapes of the famous « Clos de Vougeot ».
In 1252, the future Pope Clement V, reaped the first grapes from its vineyards from Pessac Léognan in Bordeaux.
From 1300 to 1400, the various Popes who have succeeded to the holy seat of Avignon have largely contributed to the creation of the Rhodaniens vineyards we know today, including the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Like our ancestors before us who journeyed through French wines, our wines will take you through an experience of our unique terroirs and a millenary history.
A luxurious heritage and the French art de vivre
Just as wine dazzles by its brilliancy, soothes by its aroma, and fascinates by its texture, the luxurious « à la Francaise » is a dynamic combination of traditional French taste, savoir-faire, and glamour.
Since each region is unique and represents a journey that ignites your senses, our extensive research of exceptional methods to qualify wines, aims to raise our wines to the same rank as jewelry and haute couture.
Blason Louis, the preference of the Sun King
The reign of Louis XIV, an aesthetic and hedonist King, saw the development of a sumptuous and refined cuisine that is an essential component of the court of Versailles.
Always accompanied by the best wines, the royal feast showed their splendor by participating in the affirmation of royal power, the cultural prestige and French classicism.
It is in this royal heritage requirement, propelling each Art to its top, that Blason Louis offers a selection of the greatest French wines.
Blason Louis, the authenticity of the exceptional
Blason Louis offers a collection of fine wines from the best vineyards of France.
Building on a secular tradition, we work in partnership with our winemakers of haute couture wines.
These wines are a call to the discovery of an ancestral know-how, and the sharing of unique moments.
A work of craftsmanship in the hands of great winemakers
Our wines are the fruit of encounters with the most talented winemakers of France. These are based on a talent passed down from generation to generation aimed to sublimate the remarkable terroir of each vintage. Each vintage is a unique jewel signed with their savoir-faire
The development of nature-friendly, rare masterpieces
We believe that the wine finds its greatness and uniqueness through a symbiosis between the earth, sun, and expertise. We therefore commit to offer you authentic creations, prepared with the upmost respect for the environment.
Our wines are grown, harvested and vinified by hand using the most environmentally friendly approach possible.
Exceptional wines for unique moments
Our wines are shaped like jewels, they are a testimony to the special attention you pay to your most precious moments, and will leave a forever lasting mark on your life. Each wine, with its history and its unique taste, are a testament to the special attention you pay to your spouse, your closest friends and your professional relationships.
A Strong Commitment to Future Generations
We are committed to pass on our legacy to future generations. From our fortunate position, we believe in helping the needy and supporting the causes we are passionate about.
Similarly, we invest in a sustainable and equitable partnership with our growers to enable them to pass on their heritage.
A desire to help great causes
Blason Louis is particularly sensitive to the tragic events that can affect every human being. That is why we are committed to donate a portion sold on each bottle to our partner organizations such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and Action Against Hunger.
A unique partnership with our winemakers
Behind every great wine, there is an exceptional craftsman who performs diligent work vintage after vintage. Blason Louis is the fruit of a union between unique personalities and a workmanship based on respect and trust. We are committed to sustainable and equitable partnerships that will enable our growers to pass on their expertise and land to their children.
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