The Blason Louis Taste-off Flacons



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The Blason Louis Taste-off wine Flacons
The Blason Louis Taste-off wine Flacons

Blason Louis' wines are curated from France's finest vineyards. Try them through our Taste-Off : a monthly tasting service like no other

Explore and master French wine in a matter of months

Our Story

Join Our Tasting Society

More than just a wine club, we are an exclusive society of inquisitive wine lovers.

Each month, you will receive a curated selection of rare French wines delivered to your doorstep: the Taste-Off. This thoughtful pairing will help you master French wine, learning everything you have ever wanted to know on the subject, while fine-tuning your palate.

Share your love of wine with other passionate people like you and enjoy exclusive privileges, like access to private tasting events, limited edition wines and our vineyard price – up to 25% off retail – on all bottles.


The Taste-Off

A New Way to Experience Wine

Learn how to taste wine like never before. Discover our wine with side-by-side tastings designed for your drinking (and educational) pleasure!

Two completely different wines with one common theme, a specially designed pairing that explores terroir, grape varieties and style…

Chardonnay from Burgundy, left bank and right bank Bordeaux, rosé from Provence

Create our own at-home tasting experience with Blason Louis!
A ritual for the senses, a moment of indulgence.

bottle of pommard
bottle of sancerre

Our Treasure Hunter

Meet Siméon

After ten years sourcing rare (and expensive!) fine wines for demanding clients, I wanted to find a simple, fun and accessible way to introduce people to real French wines.

Wine is one of the most complex things humans create, but selecting and experiencing it doesn’t have to be complicated. And thus, my journey with Blason Louis began.

Since then, I have travelled throughout France on my trusty motorcycle, hand-picking wines that represent the best terroirs, grape varieties and styles of French wine.


A Shared

The story of our wine is best told through the people behind it. The dedicated winemakers who craft it, our chefs and partners who are inspired by it, and our founders whose passion has always been to share the finest French wines with you.

Brought together by great wine, these craftsmen, connoisseurs and entrepreneurs are united by passion.




Have a drink with us! Show us how you raise your flacons… Cheers!

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Blason Louis, a purveyor of high quality French wines in tasting boxes.