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Our concept

Blason Louis is a handpicked selection of the finest wines from all around France. We partner directly with renowned independent winemakers to make you taste the exceptional diversity of French vineyards while ensuring you the best quality. Thanks to those 16 terroir wines, you will be able to match any nice moment with a fine wine. By clicking on the pictures below, you can explore what we want to share through our adventure.


Brighten up any moment with a sip of self-indulgence

We strongly believe that one should not wait for an exceptional moment to open a French wine, as our wines make any moment exceptional. Heading for a romantic dinner, a Superball get together with friends or just a relaxed picnic at the beach? There is for sure a wine from our collection that would be the perfect match to enliven this moment.

Moments matching: our selection offers a great example of the magic tastes France has to offer in terms terroir wines. Looking for a powerful wine or a more delicate savour there is for sur a wine among our red, white, rosé and champaigns that will fit the mood.

Flacons: our offer in smaller flacons allows enlarging the matching possibilities with your moments as they are easy to carry with you. And what about leaving different experiences in just one moment? Flacons are perfect to stimulate your palate and senses.

Your own moment: we are always curious to hear about how you appreciate most. If you are inspired and want to share one of your favourite wine moments you can send it to us via…




We have travelled France's wine roads and partnered with great winegrowers to bring to your doorstep a handpicked collection of  wines. Selecting only a few of them was not an easy thing, but in the end the real terroir wines, with both a great freshness and finess, grown in respectf from the envirnoment were the one who made their way to our hearts

A careful selection process : There were two steps in selecting our first collection. At first we had them tasted by our expert team to ensure that the pre-selected wines had all the qualities of a great wine. Then we gathered a 100 wine enthusiasts both Paris, NYC, San Francisco and London and let their heart speak.


The taste of variety: For the first time, great wines from all Franch regions are under one collection. We wanted to have you taste the amazing richness in terms of tastes that France has to offer, which comes down to its many terroirs.


The great terroirs within hands' reach: it's difficult to pick a bottle of French wine with all the options out there. We thought that giving you the opportunity to try renowned appelations with the confidence the wine is worth it would surely interest you



Discover a new way to enjoy a great wine by the glass

Our wine can be enjoyed in traditional bottles and in smaller versatile flacons (3.5-ounce / 10cl). The flacons include the equivalent of a glass of wine, and are a patented technology, which preserves all the wines flavors.

Customize: Collect our flacons and create your own mini-wine bar at home. Offer your guests the luxury to choose a wine that matches their preferences and harmoniously pair different food courses with a variety of wines.

 Gift: Elegant and more entertaining than a bouquet of flowers, give a box of our flacons as a perfect gift.

Discovery/learning: Our flacons give you and your friends a fun and easy opportunity discover new tastes and define your own personal palate preferences.

 Easy: Finally its small size makes it the best travel companion to bring with you around the world or just at picnics.


French finest vineyards secrets brought to your living room.

Fine wines are both good and interesting as they are part of the culture and history. We aim at making learning about them as entertaining as the wines are good

Simplicity: French wines can attract as much as they can scare off with their complex appellations system, rules and exceptions. The way we package and talk about our wines aims at breaking this virtual barrier.


Accessibility: It takes blind courage (and money) to enter a wine store, run straight and buy a French Grand Cru without tasting it before. Our 3.5 ounce flacons are for those who would rather first go for one glass and taste various options before making their final decision.


Discovery: Our growing collection of 16 wines aims at offering you a way to taste the great diversity of French vineyards without leaving your country. Each wine is unique and a faithfully represents its terroir. If these wines convince you, there will always be time for taking a flight to France afterwards.


Enjoy genuine craft wines respectful of the environment

The craft wines are the work of our winemakers, who continue in the heritage from previous generations, and favor organic and biodynamic viticulture to preserve the soil and express the best example of terroir.

Partnership: The story of our collection is a story of encounters along the wine routes. After meeting with more than a hundred winemakers among the most prestigious parcels of lands, we have decided to partner with 14 with whom we feel a genuine connection.

Natural: Our partner winemakers share our appreciation for sustainable organic practices that ensure the health of the underlying soil as they each grow their wine according to those principles. Half of them are from organic or biodynamic viticulture, all from sustainable agriculture.

Genuine wine lovers: the founders and team members of Blason Louis are all guaranted 100% wine-sensitive. We truly enjoy wine, driniking wine, discussing about wine, laungh and sometimes cry about wine. We definitely love sharing with you wines that are real gems, and telling you how they make us feel.


Brighten up your days with a spark of elegance

At Blason Louis, we believe that elegance arises when a product with highest quality standards, sublimed by a spotless design is brought to you in the perfect moment.

Style: Through our wines we bring you this light spark of taste and beauty that makes life livelier and more pleasant. Though very different in taste, you will find in all of our wine a freshness that is the very touch of our collection.

Prestige: For this first collection, we have decided to reunite under the same brand the most prestigious French terroirs, which benefit centuries of winemaking history and know how. Our wines are made under a common promise to preserve the style and uniqueness of each terroir.

Beauty: Good wines also speak to our eyes, with their brilliant and deep colours, or sometimes light and delicate. We are convinced that one can't juge a wine by its label, however we still decided to give our wines the loveliest design we could.