The Blason Louis Taste-off Flacons



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The Blason Louis Taste-off wine Flacons
The Blason Louis Taste-off wine Flacons


Shipping & Returns

  • I did not receive my wine this month. What should I do?

    For each shipment you will receive a tracking code and a link to the carrier website which allows you to track your wine in real time.


    If you missed the first delivery attempt, our carrier will attempt to deliver your shipment two more times. 


    If you did not receive any email or can not locate your shipment, contact us at

  • What address should I choose for shipping?

    We strongly suggest shipping to your office, if it is where you spend most of your weekday time.


    All deliveries require the signature of someone over 21 years old ( and most of the deliveries will take place during the week.

  • What do I do if my wine is damaged or a bottle/flacon appears to be missing?

    We take great care to ensure that your product arrives undamaged and your order complete. However, accidents do occur. If your shipment is damaged or a bottle missing, please take a picture and contact us at, so we can offer a replacement or account credit.


    When contacting us, please be sure to include which bottle was damaged or missing so we can help you as efficiently as possible.

  • Does someone have to be home to sign for wine shipments?

    Yes, an adult signature will be required. When alcoholic beverages are delivered, the person receiving delivery will be required to show identification proving that he or she is at least 21 years old. For this reason, we strongly recommend shipping to a business address whenever possible.

Prices and Promotion

  • Why do you charge shipping fees?

    Wine is pretty fragile and must be shipped under the right conditions – temperature controlled, gently handled. Moreover, alcohol laws in the US require all wine shipments to be signed for by a person over the age of 21. As a result, transport costs are rather high.


    In order to help maintain our vineyard pricing, Blason Louis offsets a significant portion of these transport costs (over 2/3, if you must know!), when you purchase a month-to-month subscription or buy less than 6 bottles.


    Even better...for any subscription of 6-months or more and for any purchases of a case or more, the shipping is on us! 


  • How can you guarantee such low prices?

    Your wine store next-door buys its French wines from a state wholesaler, who purchases it from a national importer who got it from a French broker who charges the winery…phew! Let’s just say it’s complicated! 


    The good news! Blason Louis works directly with each of our winemakers in real partnership. Which means that we can streamline the process and cut costs while still delivering fine French wines directly to your door, in most states.


    Through Blason Louis’ straight-from-the-vineyard approach, everyone wins!


        -  Our winemakers are rewarded with a more attractive buying price for their hard work and attention to quality. Much of their profit is then reinvested in their wineries, helping to support their sustainable growing practices, which benefit the planet!  


        -  You too are rewarded with our vineyard price - up to 33% off traditional retail prices! We cut out the middlemen so we don’t have to jack up the price, while still bringing you amazing, hard-to-find French wine.


Tasting Society and Membership

  • How does the subscription process work?

    You can choose a month-to-month subscription, a 6-month subscription or a 12-month subscription. Our 6-month subscription offers free shipping and our 12 month subscription is even further discounted, to thank you for your loyalty.


    Month-to-month subscriptions renew every month.


    For 6-month or 12-month subscription, your account will renew month-to-month after your initial subscription period, at the same discounted rate.  

  • When will I get charged?

    If you are a month-by-month subscription you will be charged around the 15th of the month for your monthly box.


    If you chose a 6-month or 12-month subscription, you will be charged at the end of your checkout and receive the box each month during the subscription period. 

    You can skip a month or unsubscribe (directly on your profile) until the 10th of the month to update or cancel your subscription for this given month.

    Passed this date, changes in your subscription will be effective for the following month.


    You can change your plan anytime (by sending us an email at and we will update the payment plan.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Not interested in the wines coming next month or away from home?


    We offer you the possibility to skip your next month (ideal for sporadic absence), on your profile under subscription section.


    To cancel your subscription, sign in to your account. Click on your profile and then go to the "Unsubscribe” section. Please note that you will continue to receive any remaining due shipments.


    Don’t forget, you are welcome back at any time!

  • What is your referral program?

    If you enjoy your Blason Louis subscription and would like to invite your friends, you can give a friend their first box on us, and receive $15 toward any store purchase.

    Simply share with your friend the link that is given to you in your order confirmation email and ask them to mention your name in the form.

    You will receive your coupons after your first month at full-price.

    If you cancel or unsusbcribe before paying your first full-price month your coupons will be canceled.

  • I have purchased a pre-paid subscription but changed my mind – what can I do?

    We will cancel you membership immediately, but we are unable to refund months already purchased.  

    Don't fret, however, there's still good news.


    If you are unable to receive your pre-paid boxes (e.g., moving to a state that doesn't accept alcohol shipments), we can change the recipient information and ship it to someone else. 

Blason Louis

  • What is Blason Louis?

    Blason Louis was created by five friends who share a common passion for French wine.

    Our mission is to make our passion, your passion by introducing you to small-batch wines from the best terroirs in France, wines that are straight from the vineyard.

    We want to make French wine fun again, so we created a innovative, genuine, non-intimidating way to enjoy it for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, in New York City, Los Angeles and beyond.

  • Who is Blason Louis? How can I join?

    Blason Louis was initially 5 friends


     - Nicolas and Regis have been friends for what seems like forever…and when life took them on separate paths, they always found time to catch up over a glass of wine. These moments often turned into informal side-by-side wine tastings. They were inspired to share this experience through Blason Louis, passing along the pleasure and fun they had learning about wine this way.


    - Simeon is a native son of Burgundy. After sourcing fine wines for ten years, he jumped at the chance to partner with artisanal winemakers throughout France´s most iconic regions to curate a collection that reflects the identity of each terroir and respects the traditions of French winemaking.


    - James’ passion for French culture and history took root during his college years, when he became enthralled with Kermyt Lynch’s book “Adventures on the Wine Route.” After that, there was no turning back…he was officially an oenophile.


    - In his former life, Nils was a management consultant and globetrotter. He visited offices around the world, always ending up as the go-to Frenchie for wine recommendations. Now the tables have turned, we rely on Nils for his management savvy and he is stoked to talk about French wine all day, as he builds our community on the west coast. 


    We are expanding fast and always looking for new talents to help share good French wines around the US.

    If that sounds like something that YOU would be be very keen on doing, please get in touch with Nicolas at


  • Why do you use flacons?

    It dawned on us that people shy away from wines they don’t know – especially more expensive wines – because committing to a bottle is difficult without knowing if you are going to like it.

    Wine is a very personal connection; all the advice and tasting notes in the world can’t compare to tasting the wine itself.


    Voilà! The idea to use flacons was born! Now you can sample high-quality, rare wines by the glass before adding the bottles to your cellar. An experience you could normally only get at the vineyard

    Collect them all! Our flacons also allow you to take a tasting tour of France, as you refine your pallet and learn what you like in a great French wine.

    You are now free to explore all the regions of France without leaving your couch!

  • Do the flacons preserve the wine as well as regular bottling?

    The short answer is YES. We use a patented rebottling technology that ensures preservation of the two most important aspects of any wine: taste and quality.

    That means that you have a glass of wine with three years of guarantee, preserved exactly as if it would be in the bottle.


    The flacons themselves reflect the quality of the wine. They are made of drawn glass and top-of-the-line materials. The flacons are filled in sealed chambers, with top-secret patented technology. It’s all very James Bond.


  • Can I also buy bottles?

    OF COURSE! That’s the idea! We created the Tasting Society to help bring the vineyard tasting experience to you at home and as an aid to ultimately build your own cellar.


    All of our wine flacons are also available by the bottle at

    Even better, you can get them at the vineyard price – up to 33% less that retail prices if you are part of our Tasting Society

Our Friends and Partners

  • Where can I find Blason Louis wines?

    Blason Louis wines are by their very nature, limited edition small-batch cuvées.

    We choose small artisanal winemakers whose wine would otherwise not make it to the US due to lack of supply, financial support or market access.

    So we have to be picky! Theses wines are almost exclusively available to our Tasting Society members.



    However, you can also find our wines at selected partner restaurants in NYC, LA, Paris & Courchevel.

    In New York, our flacons are featured at Perrine, The Pierre´s farm-to-table French restaurant.

    Their support of artisanal producers and their wine philosophy makes the restaurant a perfect pairing with Blason Louis. 


    We are always looking for ways to feed our passions! This is why you can also find our wines at special events for the arts, fashion, social causes and food.

    Most recently, our wine was served at Women in Motion in Paris, NYC Design Week Kick-Off with Paige Novak, and Million Dollar Listing Season Premier in NYC. 


  • What are your relationships with chefs?

    We work with a handful of chefs whom we genuinely admire. They are Michelin-starred chefs such as Sylvestre Wahid, Meilleur Ouvrier de France like the chocolatier Arnaud Larher or young up-and-coming stars like Arthur Fevre, pastry chef for Gordon Ramsey´s restaurants in Bordeaux.


    We seek out – or are sought out by – chefs and artisans that share our principles and passion. Our partners are focused on the French Art de Vivre and the pleasurable moments of self-indulgence they create through their craft. 


    Their passion is contagious! Whether drawn to the terroir, a personal memory or particular wine, they create a perfect pairing of their own creation. 

  • How can I work with you?

    We created Blason Louis to share our passion for French wine and we welcome any opportunity to work with other passionate people that believe in the same attention to quality, authenticity and craftsmanship as we do. 


    If you are a restaurant, bar or hotel manager or owner in New York, Los Angeles and beyond, we would love to speak with you about possible partnerships.

    Our goal is to work with you to create unique guest experiences with our flacons. Please contact James (


    Planning an event? Think we are a good fit for co-branding? Let’s chat! Please contact James in NYC ( or Nils in Los Angeles (


    If you are a journalist, blogger, or wine lover interested in our products, please contact Sophie ( to discuss how we can partner together. 


  • Do you do corporate gifts or large-scale personal gifts?

    Do we ever! Our Tasting Society box is the perfect gift for important corporate clients.

    Not only will you impress them with your wine savvy, but your clients will be wowed by your good taste and attention to detail when they open these beautiful packages. It’s a smart business move.


    For corporate clients, we can adapt your client database and include a personalized message from you with each box.

    Please contact Nils ( for more details.


    For personal gifts, offer a virtual wine tour of France with a Tasting Society subscription.

    Choose between a 6-month or 12-month subscription for a full low-down on the regions and terroirs of France, plus the stories behind each bottle. 


  • What can be included in a Blason Louis gift box?

    Our gifts are as diverse and beautiful as our wine is! You can choose between a wide assortment of our boxes or work with us to customize a gift.

    Whatever you choose, your family and friends will fall in love with our elegant, luxurious packaging – not to mention the exceptional wine. We will of course also include a personalized card, so they know where to send the thank you note! 


    If sending a gift box isn’t your style, don't forget we also offer gift cards! Contact us to learn more.