The Blason Louis Taste-off Flacons



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The Blason Louis Taste-off wine Flacons
The Blason Louis Taste-off wine Flacons

Your Curated Collection

We have unearthed wines that you won’t find anywhere else - diamonds-in-the rough that perfectly symbolize the harmony between the vines, the climate, the soil and tradition: terroir.
You will discover something along the way too. Our collection takes you on an educational journey through France, the aromas and flavors of these sacred terroirs guiding your way.

For us, wine is personal. We seek out winemakers whose passion for their craft matches our standard of excellence. We go for quality over quantity, selecting single-estate, small-batch cuvees from independent winemakers. We believe that great wine is only grown by those who demonstrate a profound respect for their terroir. We partner exclusively with winemakers who practice organic, biodynamic or sustainable growing techniques.


Visit the vineyards

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Our winemakers are the soul of Blason Louis. Without their hard work and dedication to their craft, we would not be able to bring you this exquisite collection.

We are proud to partner with these men and women and to help them carry on the traditions of the centuries-old art of crafting fine wine.


Our Partners

  • Antoine

    Santanay sous la Roche 2013


    “This is where true Chardonnay was born. We have made Chardonnay here for hundreds of years; the terroir with the balance between man and plant give the grapes their quality and grandeur.”

  • Jean-Pierre

    Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru Morgeot 2011


    “These whites are fermented in barrels with bâtonnage (stirring), during several months, which explains the great volume of this wine, very buttery and honeyed, and also powerful. That’s the style that we strive for.”

  • Regis

    Pommard 2012


    “2012’s dryness led to a very low yield and millerandage. Therefore, we favored a lighter ageing method to preserve the natural elegance of the grapes.”

  • Daniel

    Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2011

    Rhône Valley

    “The grapes for this particular cuvee are harvested only from the oldest vines in the vineyard which are at least 45 years old. These vines capture the history of the region, but there is also science behind this choice. The old vines reach deeper into soil that is more mineral rich, producing grapes that are more concentrated. That’s how I bring the intensity and complexity to this wine.”

  • Stéphane

    Côte Rôtie 2012

    Rhône Valley

    “My philosophy is simple: Respect for the terroir and its tradition in partnership with modern technology. Winemaking is an art that is centuries old, perfected over time. And while some of the best techniques are rooted in tradition, modern tools also help us produce wine that is the best reflection of its terroir. But, I do still use my horses to plow the vineyard!”

  • Olivier

    Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2012


    “Out of a very small parcel (2.5 acres), I wanted to make an organic wine that combines the excellence and finesse of the terroir with the richness of aromas only organically grown grapes can bring.”

  • Stéphane

    Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2013


    “When I took over the production with my wife, I wanted to make the most of the terroir, to create and accessible and cheerful wine, with subtle complexities.”

  • Pierre

    Sancerre 2014

    Loire Valley

    “As sun was rare in July and August, we had to carry out a green harvesting, eliminating some nascent grapes to provide a higher maturation for the remaining ones. I am happy I did it, otherwise the cuvée would have been too acidic.”

  • Gérald

    Bandol 2016


    “The attraction between the Earth and the Moon plays a crucial role in our vineyard, especially for the vital energy of the plant. We work the soil, sow the land, prune the vines and harvest the grapes with the moon's phases, to harness the benefits of this partnership.”

  • Jean

    Sainte-Victoire Côtes de Provence 2016


    “My vineyard is up a mountain, too steep for tractors to pass. I have to rely on traditional methods to care for my vines. My horse, Petit Louis, plows the soil for the oldest vines and my sheep help by grazing on the bad grasses. They're even more efficient than machines!”

The Taste-Off

A New Way to Experience Wine

Discover our wines through side-by-side tastings specifically designed to introduce you to the essentials - terroir, grape variety, style – and most importantly, paired for your drinking pleasure!

Each month, receive our handpicked pairing of two wines for your own at-home tasting moment, combining two of life’s greatest pleasures: wine drinking and learning.

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