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Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

October 1st. The most legendary horse race, the Qatar prix de l’Arc de triomphe.
As we thought that horses might be very thirsty after their race, we brought some wine to relieve them.
You know how we like pairing, but we could not imagine that our Rosé would have paired so well with the last Sunny days of the year! We were so proud to see people having fun around their tables, the smile upon their faces when they were tasting our wines and the surprise in their eyes while opening our boxes of flacons, a huge success. Can’t wait for next year !  

Tasting San Fransisco

Drinking great wine with a breathtaking view on San Fransisco at the sunset in the same time than enjoying a fashion show sounds like a dream, isn’t it? We made it real.

While Heitor and Lola was organizing the show, we presented our collection of wines for the first time on the West Coast.

Even the biggest moustaches couldn’t have prevented people from enjoying the quality of the wine. 

Blason Louis - London Launch Party

Double deckers, light fog and of course lovely English guests: everything contributed to the perfect set up to celebrate our wines first sportive achievement:

A solo crossing of the Channel

Hopefully the motivated support comittee was here to welcome them in person!


Blason Louis - Paris Launch Party

Lively and classy atmosphère at the Cercle de l'Union Interraliée
What did Parisians think of our wine preview?